Lessons from Epic - 7 Couplets of Thiruvalluvar

Thiruvalluvar was a saint, poet and a great philosopher from South India in the early 4th century BCE. 

His famous couplets...

  1. The deeper a well is dug, the more water it springs;
    The more one learns, the more wisdom it brings, the more one earns.

  2. The depth of water determines how tall an aquatic plant grows; zeal in the heart dictates how far man goes.
    Passion and zeal are essential keys to any task.  

  3. Speaking before an audience without reading enough, is like rolling the dice without drawing the squares. 
    Prepare yourself well before every presentation.

  4. Unless one is an intense, attentive aural listener, it is unlikely that one will have a humble tongue.
    Be a good listener, it will make you an adept speaker.

  5. A cart though laden with only peacock feathers may yet have its axle broken when overloaded. 
    Know your strengths and avoid the burden of tasks.

  6. Procrastination, neglect, sloth, and slumber: These four are the ship that is boarded lovingly by habitual losers.
    Take in charge of good habits today, and save yourself from wandering off course.

  7. As the quality of the water changes with the nature of the soil; so will a man’s reason vary with the quality of his company.
    You are a sum total of books you read and people you surround yourself with.

“Words of wisdom, if acted upon, 
can lead you a long way”




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